Monday, December 12, 2011

My Cast Monday: Catwoman/ Holly Robinson

An underated character who deserves a live action debut, not really sure how they can fit her in but it would be damn easy in my opinion, she's still a kitten compared to the cat Selina but still a good Catwoman none the less.

Kelly Cuoco:
If the resemblance isn't enough for you i think Kaley would be a good Holly teach her some moves in the fighting part she'll need, take her through the ropes of portraying a Catwoman i think she'll do good.

Aimee Teegarden:
I think Aimee would do good as Holly i see more of a Gotham street girl turned into Catwoman by Selina story going, same thing with Batman and Robin Selina sees something in Holly and takes her under her whip and claws.
Beth Behrs:
Rich girl whose lost everything has no where to go and fears nothing is left for her, gains her inspiration from how strong Catwoman aka Selina portrays and decides she needs to be that strong, confident and sexy thus making it her duty to become a new Catwoman and live a thrill seeking life as a cat burglar.

Sarah Wright:
I would love to see cute lil Sarah have her world crushed and taken down a darker road as an actress making Holly dark would be a plus since she might not be portrayed as crazy but Holly is almost up there with her mentor Selina, like lioness like cub.

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