Thursday, December 1, 2011

11-11-11 wishes do come true..... o.O

My literal first experince gaming, spending hours and not to mention laundry quaters on this game i randomly thought damn i wish this game would come out for Xbox Live so i can play it at home and with my friends online and offline. Little did i know that i made that wish on 11-11-11 and it was a "Wish" day i had no idea that now it would be sorta confirmed to come out!! Trust me i was a lot more hype i couldn't even bring myself to type but i have a responsibility... and hands to look out for so there you go.

Being seen on the Australian Classification Board could this mean my dream of having X-Men Arcade and Simpsons Arcade come true and be on my Xbox... you all might never see me again... maybe. All in all an announcement hasn't been made but with the holidays coming up Konami and The Simpsons can have special gifts for us in our Homer Slippers. Even if its not HD i wouldn't care as long as i had the game i would go out and get Microsoft points and prepare for this game to be released.

Other games that i would love to see get if not HD remakes just remakes in general:

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