Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Well its time for the emerald equiviliant of pokemon black and white....

Pokemon fans we all know the drill don't we? Pokemon Gold and Silver come out then months later we get Crystal. Red and Blue come out and we get Yellow its the pattern of Pokemon we get the main ones and then we get a side story with a few added features and possibly new Pokemon attached. The Fiesta Jump event in Japan is on it's way can Pokemon news be far behind? While i can tell you Pokemon Gray is high on the list we all know most of the time its never the most likely suspect, so lets go down the list of what could possibly happen this year at the Jump Fiesta taking place in Japan December 18th:

  1. Pokemon Black and White version of the Pokemon Stadium/Pokemon Battle Revolution series.
  2. 3DS exclusive Pokemon title that takes full advantage of the 3D the 3DS offers? (Many of us still don't have the 3DS so i don't see this happening wouldn't be a good marketing strategy in my opinion.
  3. Perhaps Remakes of: Red,Blue,Yellow,Crystal or Emerald on DS... o.O

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