Wednesday, November 16, 2011

So Capcom be trollin.... or onto something great?

Well the moment we begged and voted for has finally arrived.... IN DLC COSTUME FORM... WTH! No let me be serious I'm in a clear abusive relationship with Capcom but i still know they wouldn't do anything like this without good reasoning. Even Ryota Niitsuma knows that Megaman is one of the top faces of Capcom and this just proves they will not throw that kind of title away with something as "Cold hearted" as people think. With this kind of inclusion it obviously upset some gamers and Mega-Man enthusiasts alike. I am a die hard Mega Man X fan to the core the first game i played as a kid and the single experience that skyrocketed me towards gaming,

Just hear me out though guys granted X won if not was at least top 5 most wanted DLC character for the game, and the Mega Man representation most wanted (Not to bash Zero of course, and Tron is from her own game so she's fine.) Call me an abusive taking fan boy from Capcom but i think their on to something here besides all the negative comments they've been getting:

  • Capcom needs to sell Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 right? So everyone who doesn't already have a copy will now be obligated to pay for the game and for the DLC that goes with it.
  • A surprise is coming.... X will be the first DLC costume with its own moves, voice and dialogue.
  • HYPE!! As a member of the fighting game community i as well as everyone knows very well that hype is what gets us through everything so this will be Capcom hyping us up for the above.
  • Remember all the "Phoenix Wright wont be in MVC3" rumors they put us through and well look at the game now, Capcom needs to push our buttons as gamers to make us feel better and calm in the long run.
  • Like i mentioned before X will introduce a new and classic mode to Vs. games where X can be picked as an alternate for Zero but you can still pick Zero himself since they have different moves, voices etc.
  • Remember Shadow Lady and Chun-Li from Marvel Super Heroes? Still Chun-Li with differences in moves and playstyle and a color swap? Or even Spider-Man to Armored Spider-Man same premise.

With no information about the Prices, Dates or even the order the DLC costumes will be released Capcom lighted the fires with this controversial action and our reactions are all they need to fuel and hype us up until the big day comes and we officially know, I'm placing my faith in Capcom once again and know they wont screw us over like this especially knowing that they know we asked for X as DLC every poll we could get to. 

Keep hope alive X supporters nothing is set in stone!

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