Friday, November 18, 2011

Blue Movie Music Band Overview

Rock stars and Metal heads give it up for New York's Blue Movie Music!!

Blue Movie's members include Lisa Foerderer (formerly of Korro and Andrejack), Daniela Viteritti (formerly of Korro and Black Suit Youth), Tony Paris (formerly of every band you know, including his most recent, Idespise), and PJ Griffith (formerly of Blood on the Stereo and Plexic).

The band formed after literally everyone was out and about doing there thing solo, until Tony Paris came into the picture like a music recruiter for an off the top and awesome Justice League of the rock world. Tony was off doing what he did best performing, recording, and being a producer for many top acts for music while showing off his personality at such hype events such as Armageddon Fest, Steven Alders Appetite, and many many more.

The rock gods had Tony's back when he was made an offer he couldn't refuse from Audrejack the very same band that Lisa aka Drummmah Grrrl joined previously, that started the love of music that Tony and Lisa shared and they bonded from that love of music. Playing and opening for venues like Stephen Peircy from RATT which landed them on the cover of Aural Fix Magazine thus gaining them the popularity needed to boost Auderjack show wise.

Sadly though Tony had other side projects to do and had to leave Auderjack for while fear not though Lisa and Daniela took over to make sure the band was still awesome (Spoiler: It totally was still very awesome.) Months later the rock gods yet again have put the odds in Tony and Lisa's favor as they played a show again , Blue Movie would be born when Lisa and Tony contacted Daniela if she was interested in what they had going on in the future, she agreed gladly since she was the #1 choice for the direction they were going into.

Guess what? The three of them had to make sure the chemistry worked so that way they would know if they wanted to work together again.... they had the chemistry that made fire on stage all they needed now was a front man to bring the people in and that's where PJ Griffith was selected to start the shows, get the hype flowing and get those heads banging and rocking out, Now they are the awesomeness known as Blue Movie Music.

The Main Site you need to visit to learn even more about the band.

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