Thursday, October 20, 2011

Time to finally see who will win between the Cartoon Network legends

Ever sit back as a kid and watch Cartoon Network and think..... man i would love to see Grim and Samurai Jack duel and see whose better? Or a monkey battle between Mojojojo and Monkey from Dexters Laboratory? Then i use my magic pencil and draw out an alternative for all your dream matches and present to you Cartoon Network Punch Time Explosion XL. The brawler type of fighter which will remind you of Super Smash Bros. although the major difference is its on Xbox360, PS3, 3DS, and Wii.

Wondering who you can play as on the roster? A 26 attendance is expected from this game from alot of your favorite Cartoon Network characters from all over:

You know of course there is more to it than that? Dont want to spoil the roster for you too much but the game is worth all the time and respect you would give another fighting game on the market, I mean seriously this is the ONLY Super Smash type game on the PS3 and Xbox360 so i can say im hype and excited for this game, the community reactions can be endless i would hope brawl players would take a look at this game forget that lets have alot more than that take a look at the game.

A game that offers an actual story mode up to 8hrs, 4 player co-op offline and online versus capabilties makes this a game to keep in mind if your in a Super Smash mood but cant stand Meta Knight or dont even have a Wii.

Some Characters i would like to make there fighting debuts:

If not all of them then Scooby Doo would be awesome.

My favorite cartoon when i was kid, i'd absolutley love to play as Secret Squirrel and Morroco Mole.

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