Thursday, September 22, 2011

Marvel Vs Capcom 3 Moveset: Franklin Richards

Franklin Richards:

Thats right guys Franklin Richards aka Lil Jesus should more than have his welcome spot into a fighting game:

Normals and Assists:
Psionic Blast: Beam of pure psionic energy is fired. (may cause a knockdown state if used regulary)
Reality Spike: Spikes rise from the ground with OTG possibilities.
Telekenetic Slam: Grabs you with his telekenesis and slams you to the ground.

Other normal moves:
Astral Illusion: His unique teleport game of sorts, Franklin would summon an astral copy of himself onto the field it would stay there but Franklin can freely move it around or even above the opponent, with another button press he would teleport to the location of the astral copy.

Psionic Manipulation: Franklin summons up to 5 links of psionic energy links, can be linked together to bounce opponent for damage depending on the number of links out, up to three explode after impact all 5 hit for double damage and explode creating 11 hits.

Psionic Sheild: Franklin summons forth a sheild that protects from up to 5 hits of damage.

Reality Grab: Franklin creates a black hole to drag the opponent closer to him


Standing L: Psionic ball of energy
Standing M: Slides on Psionic energy
Standing H: Psinoic sword slash
Standing S: Pillar of psionic energy rises from the ground

Crouching L: Swipe of energy
Crouching M: energy fist
Crouching H: short wave of psionic energy

Air L: psionic spike pointing down
Air M: kicks both legs out with energy
Air H: quick drill of psionic energy
Air S: psionic hammer slams the opponent down

Psionic Sheild (Projectile Counter): Franklin concentrates and absorbs beam special: Shinku haduken, chaotic flame, inferno etc. only to absorb the special mentally trap the oppoenent, switch places and perform the same attack back at them.

Get em cowboy: Franklin takes out his toy cowboy guns only to actually shoot the oppoennt with real bullets made of psionic energy and a beam follows to finish.

Bio-Blast: Franklin summons a giant psionic ball of energy at the opponent.

Level 3: Psionic power overload:
Franklin begins losing control of his power yelling "Leave me alone" he begins to take the opponent to his pocket universe vasts amounts of psionic energy can be seen surrounding the opponent as Franklin can be seen with his eyes and body crackling with energy as he is crouching the energy explodes as the pocket universe is cracked and blows up.

Mind Link: Franklin joins minds with the character in question only to stop them in there tracks for a second and summons a psychic clone for a short period unleashing the characters damaging attacks.

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