Friday, July 1, 2011

Mortal Kombat DLC is Koming

Mortal Kombat!! (If you didn’t start doing the techno beat from the movie then something is wrong with you.) What’s up my fellow fighting game and gore fans. Today I’m brining you some TOASTY Mortal Kombat news, Mortal Kombat’s newest title called by fans and myself alike as MK9 is out and doing its think, but to add more awesome to its blood and gore recipe were having a DLC curveball thrown at us. The producer of the game Hans Lo makes it known to gamers and fans that we will be getting DLC for the title, who you may ask? None other than the blind master swordsman Kenshi and Scarlet. Oh I know what you’re thinking, who’s Scarlet Mrdarkphoenix? Well as far back as I can personally remember I was always at the arcades playing Mortal Kombat while every time I noticed a certain glitch you can call it now that made the lady ninjas Kitana, Mileena, and Jade turn red and into a totally different character.

 I was always hooked on picking that character and cheating the system but sadly it took my dreams and my quarters. Aside from that she’s getting an actual in game appearance and now finally going to see what hot sauce (my nickname for her since ketchup was Sektor) is capable of. Not surprising though she’s not the first non canon character getting an official playable makeover anyone remember Meat? The secret flesh ridden character costume for all the characters in Mortal Kombat 4 who was an uncompleted slave by Shang Tsung? By playing the character of your choice in a certain ways the alt skinless suit was available. That was until he received an official character slot in the last gen apocalypse game Mortal Kombat Armageddon.

If I had to dip my hand and suggest possible DLC fighters I would like to see I would love to see the right four legged Montaro make his grand correct looking reappearance. Not to mention the dragon king himself Onaga there are a lot of unanswered story elements that need to get answered. Kira and her rouge knives and crazy personality with a sleek and sexy look. And finally the master martial artist who traveled a sub story mode far and wide and learned the fighting styles of the main cast Shunjinko.

In the end I am very happy there taking the time to make the little things like fan speculated glitch’s and turning them into actual characters for classic Mortal Kombat veterans to sit there and say “Hey I noticed that” is more than enough hype for me and this game to get reacquainted on July 5th. More DLC won’t be too far behind so whether you’re going to master our swordsman or hot sauce herself alongside other possible fighters such as Kintaro, don’t forget there not going to be the same as you remember them there getting complete move, fatality and story remakes so be ready because in less than a week you all will be able to FINISH HIM OR HER.

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