Friday, June 10, 2011

Possible X-men First Class sequels?

Saw the movie? Loved it? Hated it? Well now sequels are being talked about so you need not worry… or worry it’s up to you. James McAvoy has been expressing that he would like to make X-men First Class into a three movie arc, the ending of the third will get us ready for the original X-men movie released in 2000. So what could this possibly mean for sequels to the First Class series? Could it mean possible first class versions of Storm, Gambit, Psylocke,X-23, or even a first class Deadpool? Or maybe starting team of the lovely Jean Grey, Cyclops, Ice man, and Angel?

(Just to clarify I am fully aware that most of the other characters were not even mentioned in the original comics, but due to the fact that the team in the movie did so good perhaps we can consider them X-men kids, Jr. X-men, or heck call first class the x-men evolution movies. But don’t lose faith X4 can still happen with luck and a better director. )

Professor Xavier and Magneto have always had a love hate relationship for as long as I can remember, their ideals are similar but their actions are far from the same as well as these methods to get the equality they deserve as mutants. If other movies are made McAvoy would like to explore that relationship more than in terms of good guy and bad guy but something deeper than that. Like Malcolm X and Martin Luther King.

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