Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Nolan-Verse Batman Villians that could...


Once Thomas Blake a famous hunter and millionaire turned to crime because he grew bored of hunting animals and wanted more thrill. Modeling himself after Catwoman (big surprise i know) she wasn't fond of having the way she does thing copied and they automatically disliked each other because they did the same thing, stealing cat related things etc.

They even tried teaming up but Catman is wife beater and Catwoman couldn't take it anymore. Catman has no problem holding his own against the martial artists of DC and being a dark villain for a Nolan Batman movie.

Who to portray him?
Nicholas Cage:
Being a talented actor he gives off the presence of Catman in himself and i think he would kill the role. Plus we all know he's extremely good at playing Anti-Batman characters *coughs* Big Daddy.

The second best assassin DC has to offer being topped by there number one assassin Deathstroke, Floyd Lawton is a psychotic killer who wants the job done and to get paid. People who get in his way often have graves made for them, he doesn't stop until the job is done. So in a movie why not put him as an assassin hired by... i don't know a main villain in the movie to take out the Bat or go to arkham trying.

Who to portray him?
Take into account due to his appearance he would mostly be in costume with his face bandaged up, even with the bottom half exposed its still a matter of who can mentally and psychically play the role.

Bradley Stryker:
Having already portrayed Deadshot on Smallville he already has an idea of how to portray the character. As we have all seen Christopher Nolan has a habit of having his actors portray a much darker adaptation of the characters they are portraying so add that plus his acting ability and we have ourselves a live action movie Deadshot.

Hugo Strange:
Every nerds favorite master psychiatrist of the insane, he literally only has two minds he cant crack and that's The Joker and Batman. His areas of expertise include but are not limited to Chemistry,Genetics, Hypnosis,Psychiatry,Psychology and Tactical Analysis. I don't know about you nerds and comic freaks but that's a resume that screams Nolan movie.

Who to portray him?

Tobin Bell:
Come on now the frighting Jigsaw who we have seen is used to playing the role of someone who is clearly in control 99.9% of the time. His ability to play psychotic is mind bending and combine that into the Hugo strange mentality, that would be a role to for the century.

"You know the sort of people I've gone up against, so you know I don't say this lightly... but the Joker? Riddler? Croc, Scarecrow and the others? He's in their league. Only without the crippling psychoses to cloud his judgment"
An actual quote from the Batman himself so you KNOW he takes Hugo seriously.

A psychotic Anti-Batman in every sense he kills cops, murders the innocent people and just everything Batman Stands for he's on the other side to stop him. Having parents killed by Commissioner Gordon  and being labeled as a Batman copy bat would be a great twist in a live action movie. who wouldn't want to see a live action Wrath vs. Batman fight scene bloodied fists and all.

Who to portray him?
Paul Wesley:
I know what your thinking trust me, hear me out though Paul has everything an Anti-Batman character should have. Handsome billionaire by day for his "normal" life then by night he puts on his cape and cowl and releases his dark side. Paul would have no problem playing this kind of role how he portrays rage and his vision if this character combine Wrath will be portrayed perfectly.

And finally i have said it once i will keep saying it!! BLACK MASK PORTRAYED BY MARK STRONG!  come on black mask tortures people with custom made knives and has run Arkham escapes by himself.

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