Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I want to see Kick ass in Marvel Vs Capcom 3

Gamers and comic book nerds reunite in Capcom’s Marvel vs. Capcom 3 the game that pits the question of whether or not Chris Redfield punching boulders can actually even hurt the hulk. Or Wolverine who has lived through countless wars with claws sharper than knives can keep up with the barefoot main hero of the Street Fighter series. That is possibly another series of articles depending on fan demand, I would love to write versus articles to be completely fair and unbiased, but I digress now.

Anyone know of a little comic series known as Kick Ass? For those of you that don’t know Kick-Ass itself is an original comic written by none other than Mark Miller and drawn by the very talented John Romita Jr. now you may think that this is completely off topic but it isn’t the fact of the matter is Marvel does (hold on to that thought) own the publishing rights to Kick Ass yes. Secondly Mark Miller and John Romita own the rights to said comic series. Now what I said before about it being owned by Marvel is true enough to... wait for it… have those characters in Marvel vs. Capcom 3. I’m going to tell you why first why I believe they or even you should consider it, being an avid comic book reader I always have a say about which of my beloved comic book characters I would love to see in a fighting game adaptation and if you’ve seen Kick Ass the movie as much as I have then you automatically know why I am suggesting Hit-Girl, Big Daddy, and the man himself Dave lizewski aka Kick Ass.

Now while Marvel publishes it under their Icon imprint there is something that you should know, that among other things proves that they can be included into the game all it would take is asking Frank Miller and John Romita Jr. for the rights of their characters to be put into the game. Capcom has been stated in saying they have full access to Marvel’s already large library so why not dip your hands into another dimensions pot of sorts? The Capcom side as you know is filled with different universes since Capcom isn’t all that connected we have Ghost and Goblins, Resident Evil, Street Fighter, Mega Man Legends, and Darkstalkers, all within the same company but in different universes.

The idea of having the trio from the very popular comic book would be a blessing especially that of Hit-Girl but I can see where you have doubts, Hit Girl does curse a lot in the comics and the movies and would be considered to “hardcore” for the game. But the last time I checked wolverine,X-23, and Deadpool were all killers and assassins, heck there is another team called the X-force that is devoted to X-men that will up there game and kill to get the job done so that in one respect is not an excuse in my opinion. All in all I don’t think it would be hard to implement the trio into a fighting game just tone down Hit Girls language and get the ok from Mark Miller and John Romita Jr. and you will seeing a lot of happy faces from Kick Ass fans and Marvel fans alike.

I know what you’re thinking now “But MrDarkPhoenix they don’t have rivals from the Capcom side that would give them a run for their money”. That is where your wrong true believer I will now give you the perfect rivals for Hit Girl, Big Daddy, and Kick Ass. First off is Hit-Girl this choice literally put the bullet in your brain and these fighters have so much in common it’s not even funny…. No really it’s actually quite creepy, can you guess who it is? BB Hood from the Darkstalkers series. Not only does she have to make her reappearance in this game being a fan favorite in the second game but BB is just like Hit Girl: a wise cracking, gun expert with a short fuse and a lust for blood. I don’t know about you but to see those two go all out in a trailer would be a nerd dream come true.

Next up we have Big Daddy the hard justice assassin who trained Hit Girl and is himself a top killing machine, which is why his rival should be none other than M.Bison (or Vega in Japan) from Street Fighter. Think about he’s all about killing criminals and Bison is the most crooked crook of them all. There’s more blood in this fight then I think the human body can handle but again it’s a fight I would love to see.

And finally we have Kick Ass finding a “rival” for our hero was a little tough until I realized he is kind of a joke character and Capcom is chock full of those which is why I believe his rivals are not limited to Servbot, Roll, or even Dan from Street Fighter. This fight is a little less serious which is good because it would be funny as all get out to watch him try and hit a little Lego robot or see who would faint first in a battle against Dan. With this coming to a close all I have left to say if we’ve waited eleven years for this game to happen which we thought was impossible then why not add in a variety of characters from the already existent marvel universe all you might have to do is dip your hand into different cookie jars is all.


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